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Membership Requirements & Current Openings

Membership Requirements

Do you want to join the team? Please read our requirements below to see if you would be able to join us, then contact us! Also it is recommended that you read our Getting Into the Paranormal page as well before applying. And we do not have membership fees; we just ask to help with entrance fees and donations (if applicable).

Membership requirements:

  1. Be able to debunk claims of activity through investigative techniques
  2. Be able to travel long distances if needed
  3. Be ready at all times in case we get an investigation request; sometimes we go on short notice
  4. Adapt to changing conditions
  5. Run different types of audio and video software
  6. Willing to learn new information
  7. Be able to maintain composure during an investigation
  8. Stay up long hours into the night if needed
  9. Be professional and courteous
  10. Always willing to help others; we don't do this for the thrill
  11. Be able to learn to run all of our equipment proficiently, and troubleshoot equipment problems when, or if, they arise

Current Openings

Case Manager (3rd in charge)


Being a paranormal investigator has its risks both from a physical standpoint as well as a spiritual standpoint. That is why we always take great care when we're on an investigation of a supposedly haunted locale.

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