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About Us

We Are Here To Help!!

We originally banded in November 2014 as Muskogee Area Paranormal Society, but we had discovered there was another group of the same name. To avoid any confusion and possible issues that would arise, we garnered permission from the original founder of ECOPS to use the name. So in June 2015, we rebranded to our current name of East Central Oklahoma Paranormal Society.

East Central Oklahoma Paranormal Society (ECOPS) is a non-profit group comprised of individuals who are interested in researching the paranormal based in Muskogee, Oklahoma. We are working to build our reputation and credibility as a serious paranormal group by being completely dedicated to the privacy of all our clients, and conducting ourselves professionally. Our team philosophy is that we do not believe in the orb theory, we seek answers for our clients, and only divulge information that our clients expressly grants us permission to divulge. Furthermore, we utilize strict guidelines when we review all our video, camera & audio captures to ensure that our evidence is true. And ECOPS will not charge a dime for our services, and we only go into a location to disprove any hauntings through debunking techniques. ECOPS' main mission is to give our clients peace of mind by providing answers.

We are a paranormal research group that conducts investigations only. We seek answers for our clients through investigation of claims of activity, and do not offer services to cleanse (or rid) a location of any paranormal activity.

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